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"You see, Kenneth had to make me something that I wasn't quite and something that I was less of or more of than I really was. But in the aftermath of the whole relationship with Kenneth, I don't hold that against him. It would make me very angry, very enraged. And you know? I don't feel any of that rage now."   

Marthe Whitcomb  September 21, 2007 

"I think it was more personal. I was thinking of the anarchist principles. Kenneth really had Midwestern principles more than the anarchy principles.... I think he was a very good student of anarchism, and he’d read anarchist literature, and, in fact, he visited anarchists in Italy whom he had read. He was very serious, but it was more home-grown middle-western morality that he lived by and reacted to...."   

Marthe Whitcomb  April 24, 2007 

Kenneth would say, "Why don't you come Friday night?"

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